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Data-driven rankings of information security services and the solution to your cybersecurity challenges. Everything from traditional penetration testing to blockchain security.

Surpass your cybersecurity challenges

But how?

We use our own network and years of experience to find the best cyber security companies according to your specific needs. We analyze your current state as well as the entire security market to find the most fitting cybersecurity service provider and connect you both.

Smart Contract Audit

CSA explores and incorporates the best smart contract audit companies and methodologies for your business. If you have a blockchain project with a long-term vision, work in a company associated with smart contract development or just curious about fintech smart contracts - CSA is the best and safest companion for you.

Penetration Testing

As a personal cybersecurity consultant, CSA is searching and analyzing as many software and website penetration testing companies as possible to make sure that you get serviced with the highest efficiency. If you want to find the best penetration testing company or research pricing on the market - it’s the time for CSA to come in handy.

Red Teaming

If penetration testing doesn’t sound like the security solution you need, we will find you a suitable red teaming company to test your organization’s detection and response capabilities. Explore the vulnerabilities of your business in a multi-layered, nonlinear, and creative way with the red team testing.


Cyber Security Advisor will bring you and the most secure development solutions together. Stay safe right out of the bat with SSDL- Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Security and risk management should be considered at the earliest stages of any project and we will find you the specialists to implement it.

Social Engineering

Being aware may be the most critical security factor that your company may adopt. Lack of knowledge and human error has been the primary reason for 95% of cybersecurity breaches according to an IBM study. Let us find you the right people that will train awareness in your team and build confidence in your company’s human network.

Our mission

We are here to ensure the enhancement of cybersecurity and business standards around the world by creating a competitive environment where the highest quality of services and ethical business approach is what really matters.

Why is cyber security important?

Before answering this question, let’s go through the statistics of the world we live in:

$6 trillion

According to Cybercrime magazine, the total cost for cybercrime committed globally will reach $6 trillion by 2021.


The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported a 300% increase in cybercrimes since COVID-19.


Keeping in mind what was mentioned above, more than 77% of organizations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan.


95% of breached records came from only three industries in 2016: government, retail, and technology.

Sad but true. We live in a reality where cyberthreats just hang over our heads and where being unprotected or simply unaware of them comes as highly irrational. We don’t mean to scare you, we want to open your eyes and gift you the lowest risk possible with little to no effort from your side. CSA is not your company, it’s your companion.

It’s not the right time to

Let us match you with your IT security services provider and simply stop worrying. Join the list of companies that thrive securely.

The main aim of cybersecurity is not to protect,
but to prevent



Due to a vulnerability in its smart contract, The DAO lost 3.6 million ether, which equaled 79.6 million US dollars by then.

The Equifax


The Equifax breach cost the company over $4 billion in total. That’s the price of being careless



Parity, a crypto wallet development and maintenance company, lost $153 million due to a common vulnerability that could have been eliminated with a basic audit.

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