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Using our profound experience and expertise in the cyber security market, we do the following:


We are constantly looking for unique high-performing security companies of different types, specialization, and sizes. Similarly, we are always in search of reliable and ethical IT businesses that care for the information security of their users and employees.


We are doing our best while evaluating security companies to sort out who can be considered as the best experts and professionals. We also precisely assess IT businesses that are in search of information technology security solutions in order to find the most responsible and committed clients. This is how we create our highly efficient list of cyber security companies.


Eventually, our main goal is to ensure the synergy among the best security service providers and responsible IT companies caring about the safety of their and their clients’ data and funds.

Our Approach

Considering the quality of their work and prices, we provide the leaderboard with:

The best smart contract audit providers

The most experienced penetration testing companies

The most efficient Red Teaming methodology experts

The most timesaving and reliable SSDL professionals

The masterminds that will help to avoid Social Engineering incidents

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Make a proactive more towards eliminating consequent damage to a company's reputation, sustainability, and financial state.

Keeping in mind that the risk of a cyber attack is not going to walk away on it’s own, it comes as most reasonable to spend a tiny fraction of what you would have lost on cyber security.