Do penetration testing companies provide ultimate security?

Do penetration testing companies provide ultimate security

This year has become the year of a paradigm shift in both society and business. All entrepreneurs were forced to somehow relocate their businesses and management to the Internet. Thus with no protective measures, business owners almost gave direct access to their company and sensitive customer data. The good thing is that it’s not a death sentence for your private information. Your corporate data can and has to be protected from various cyberthreats.

Do penetration testing companies provide ultimate security


It’s common to think that this wouldn’t occur to our business. But you should consider the latest speculations and statistics as Cybercrime Magazine predicted damages from cybercrime amounting to 6 trillion USD by the end of 2021. And it won’t stop mounting up any time soon, it is expected for cybercrime to grow 15 percent annually over the next five years.

Cybersecurity is one of the main pillars of prosperity and sustainability in the digital world. There are many ways to protect data against increasingly sophisticated data breaches. In this article, we reveal one of the most effective and common methods of saving and securing your database- third party penetration testing.

In this article, you will find the answers to the following questions:

1) what is 3rd party penetration testing?

2) how can 3rd party penetration testing save you from bankruptcy?

2 questions


What is third party penetration testing?

Third-party pen-testing provides a detailed analysis of your corporate database by the trusted professionals outside of your organization. The test’s main feature is that it is conducted from the perspective of a hacker. The person who acts as an intruder tries to circumvent the security system and get to your database searching for all kinds of cracks in the system. During this process, a pentester determines the system security issues. Resulting in objectively estimating the vulnerabilities that may lead to extracting access to all your information.

To determine the cracks in the system cybersecurity professionals use several types of third-party penetration testing which is intended for different types of information leakages:

types of third-party penetration testing


Social Engineering Penetration Test

It provides an assessment of the information security awareness of your employees. The specialist contacts the employees and finds out what information can be obtained from them, and under what pretext, they give it away.


Web Application Penetration Test

Process of analyzing the security of your data available on the Internet. Specialists test email servers, trading platforms, web hosting sites, servers, and databases.


Network Services Penetration Test

With this type of test, the specialist tries to penetrate the network and find its most vulnerable points for hackers (the most common type of penetration testing). Its purpose is to determine and find the gaps in the network infrastructure.


Wireless Penetration Test

An expert in the role of a hacker tries to penetrate the system wirelessly. The focus is only on exploiting wireless services available to anyone in the physical vicinity of your network. It can be a Wi-Fi network, wireless devices, such as keyboards and mice, Bluetooth devices.


Client-Side Penetration Test

Internal network employees may be exposed to threats caused by vulnerabilities in your client software. This problem gives attackers access to your internal network and sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to check client-side security.

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How can penetration testing companies save you from bankruptcy?

Let’s consider some cases of companies being hacked and see how penetration testing could have prevented this from happening.


Case №1

This accident occurred on Snapchat. In 2016 information regarding the salaries of 700 staff members fell into the hands of a hacker. The information leak, allegedly, occurred because of a staff member who sent data to their CEO, but, apparently, it wasn’t the CEO’s email. How can we know this isn’t just a lie? Either way, it was a data breach.

As we understand in this situation, the company employee didn’t adhere to information security or was unaware of such a threat is possible. As a result, there was a data breach. Such a problem can easily be avoided by conducting social engineering testing.

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Case №2

Unacademy is an online learning platform. This year it was hacked. The hacker has stolen all accessible data. Names, emails, and phone numbers of almost 20 million people were spread throughout the DarkNet. The most disturbing fact is that to this day people don’t understand what kind of problem caused the data leak.

The disaster could have been avoided or at least determined by doing all types of penetration testing. The problem would have been detected and prevented quickly with no losses.

Cases like this happen every day. It doesn’t matter how large your company is. Hackers always find what they need. Hacking isn’t just material damage – it damages the reputation. Third-penetration testing is a service that should be done twice a year. That is why it doesn’t require a programmer who is part of your staff. Also, it may seem to be quite expensive to have one as a part of the team. In our time, there are a lot of remote penetration testing companies that exquisitely provide pen testing services.


Is penetration testing services an ultimate security solution?

Pentesting is a base for cybersecurity. It will make you see the full picture of your database safety. You will know the main security problems and start solving them. Knowledge is the best defense. The most important thing is to choose the right specialist with good expertise. Our database is full of reliable companies and we are sure that one of them will make the perfect pick for you.

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